Why I don't feel emotions?

I can’t even remember the last time I laughed.

I am on clozapine, abilify and clomipramine.
What is the use of life if I can’t feel a thing.
Should I try pramipexole? Or any other thing?

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I don’t know how old you are and how long time you have had it like this, but i went through a similar period when i was young. It lasted for half a year.

Or you might have a depression on top of the rest of your symptoms.

Wish you weel, lack of feelings, emptiness, are very painfull, i remember.

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Try l theanine and caffeine pills

That will put you in full blown psychosis instantly. Why you want that med?

Don’t take dopamine agonists because antipsychotics are dopamine antagonists.

But there are studies that only a few percentage of people who take pramipexole are thrown into psychosis.

Do they have schizophrenia?

Yes. The studies were done on schizophrenic patients. I will share the link.

Will your Dr prescribe it if you don’t have Parkinson’s?

You should consider the “trifecta” if you can. That is an Antipsychotic (Such as Risperidone, Lurasidone), a mood stabilizer (Lithium Carbonate, Oxcarbazepine), and an SSRI (Zoloft, Prozac). See if your psych can lower your doses so you don’t feel so snowed and blank to everything going on. I have been there, that is no way to live life. Look into L-Theanine and Sarcosine as add-ons for treatment as well as an Omega supplement for brain health. Talk to family and friends. It helps more than you know to speak/vent to them. Good luck!

I’m the same, I am indifferent and apathetic not feeling any emotions. I also take clozapine. I’m sure that the meds are causing me trouble.

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Have you tried anything for it?

They are emotions i thought never existed. What you feel is one of them.

Could be that we’re all getting older and more cynical of the world.

Plus, we live in a digital society that is out to destroy all natural human emotions lol

It’s not that simple. Some of the new antipsychotics being developed are parkinson’s drugs.

Stimulants are dopamine agonists or reuptake inhibitors, and they’re sometimes cautiously prescribed for negative symptoms. With sz some areas of the brain can actually have reduced dopamine levels.

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I’ve been on Quetiapine for a month and I’m now feeling anger and sadness after a year on Risperidone. Is it linked?

I have always had anger issues, much more without meds. Now I still have some on Risperidone. I had anger issues on all 5 antipsychotics I tried.

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