Why I do not get a smart phone

I have glaucoma and I basically can not read small texts that these smart phone have. Do you have a smart phone? Actually I am quite worried about my eye sight.

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whats 5-htp? is it a drug?

i know my med causes eye problems sometimes and also tiredness and concentration issues

is that a psyche drug?

Read a wikipedia writing, seems to help in many matters.

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Ive had an iPhone since 2007. This year for the first time I have to use glasses to use it and the iPad…also going to turn 50 years old in a few months.

You can change the font size in the smartphone’s display options in Android at least. Though some text on websites aren’t affected by that setting.

I do everything on my smartphone and android tablet since I spend most of my time laying in bed or on the couch. I’d use my laptop, but it’s too bulky and unwieldy while laying down.

One thing I hate about smart phones is they have a GPS and can track where you are even if the GPS is off. There is an option to turn off location logging, but it’s on by default if you don’t know about it. Also, sometimes it flips itself back on randomly even though I always have it off. Plus the front facing camera and the fact that it saves your information to ‘the cloud’ by default kinda puts me off. As long as you know how to turn these things (mostly) off, owning a smartphone isn’t that bad.

It used to bother me quite a bit that it tracked me everywhere I went. For fun I would drive around in circles all around town, even stopping at random locations for under 5 minutes at a time to drop enough “breadcrumbs” to make it look like I was visiting someone. Didn’t give a crap who or if anyone noticed, it just made me happy to give out so much “mis-information”. Never thought it would backfire on me, but hey, they play, I play. No harm done, truth come out in the end.

first i have to get the ’ dumb ’ phone,
then move up to the ’ slightly intelligent ’ phone,
then my big goal is to get the ’ smart ’ phone.
take care

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" age is an issue of mind over matter, if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter !"…mark twain.
are you a leo…
take care

As in born in August time?

I always have to laugh about it being called a “smart” phone.
It don’t plug itself in, now does it?

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I would drop it…

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I have a smartphone. I don’t know what I’d do without it. There are so many features. When my computer acts up (a lot lately), I can always turn to my phone.

I threw my smart phone in the dumpster cause I felt I was being watched for 8 months and also lost an internship with Disney due to voices.