Why i can resist the spirit in my body

Maybe the spirit which is in my body wonder why I can resist him although it would be so easy to go in their pace. I must say that this spirit is specific because he goes in the same pace than the administration of my country.

And for me this spirit and the administration are just evil forces. I hate them from all my body and my mind.

So yeah i will fight to the death.

Thank you.


I’m sorry if this topic is violent, but it’s good to tell what is in my mind.

Will try to be kind in others topics

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I didn’t really see it as violent. I just see frustration and determination. Do you take your meds regularly? I’m wondering if an adjustment would help. Some people feel a lot better after their meds are tweaked a bit.


Your post is right on the money. It’s extremely frustrating, and yes it’s easy to hate the voices though I try not to make that my main emotion

For me, I just calmly resist the urge to be affected. It doesn’t work 100%, but then what does

Never give up!! :+1::+1:

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Yes i take 15mg zyprexa on a regular basis. Thanks for answering.

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Thank you i won’t give up bro !

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