Why haven't you ever had sex?

I’ve remembered getting asked this at times by doctors. It was when I was young. Nowadays when I tell them, they just take it as is and assume it’s because I’m fat and gross.

There are too many reasons for me to fit into one post, before I lose track.

If I had to pick the biggest reason, tho, I would attribute it to a deep seated mistrust of women.

Sometimes I’m afraid that I’m a misogynist, for looking at porn, sometimes really freaky and scary stuff. I like horror films too. I know people who are truly evil and messed up rarely are bothered by thoughts that something may be wrong with them, so I’m not too worried about it. But I wonder sometimes what’s wrong with me.

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When you’re looking at that porn, please do your research and make sure the actors are all being treated well and paid properly. Some stuff on there is literally the filmed abuse of unconsenting women. But there is ethically produced BDSM stuff for folks who are into that, from reputable companies. i have a few friends in the industry, which is how I learned this. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, as long as nobody is being hurt.

People’s porn preferences rarely translate to what they like in real life. I know many straight guys who prefer watching gay porn because they think the actors look like they’re enjoying themselves more. If you find yourself actually wanting to hurt someone, that would be concerning and you should seek help. But if it’s just in porn, or in the context of a fully consenting and caring BDSM relationship, you’re fine.


There are some dark places in the world of porn.


I’ve had sex.

Alot to be honest and risky.

Not the smartest move of mine

I think I’m blessed for not having sex in 20 years back.

Without love sex is stupid.You better find love,rest will follow.

Nah, I don’t look at much live porn, but the stuff I do is usually what one would call ‘ordinary’. For me the extreme stuff is mostly in drawings/art/literature and so forth. I prefer to read my porn for whatever reason.

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It’s against my religion outside of marriage and I’m not very attractive


I don’t have sex because I cannot commit myself to intimacy mostly because there is no love & I cannot get comfortable with someone without love as a commitment. I know some men can just go at it anytime there d!ck is hard… not me i have to have a deep connection beyond looks & basic attraction.

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get ready for sone real good advice, i know about life and stuff:

everyone is eventually fat and gross, aging and such, with very few exceptions…actually none

some of us came out of the blocks looking like that, its a handicap if you wanna brag about conquest to the other people suffering from mental illness here

dont be unconfident about who you are

dont pay women any mind if they fail to do the same for you

everyone watches gross things on porn, its not real sex most of the time, even the amateur stuff, dont meditate on that stuff after you turn it off

if you take nothing else away (all sarcasm aside): YOU are absolutely precious, take care of your body, it is worth millions if not billions

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I’m asexual. I find sex repulsive, I have never had sex or looked at porn be that make or female. I don’t find looking at peoples bodies that appealing. I have a sexual fetish with involves an object that has nothing to do with people. I find that interesting,

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