Why havent they recalled geodon or risperdal?

one causes heart conditions the other causes male breasts. how are these dangerous meds still allowed to be sold

Geodon is my miracle med. I tried to switch off it over concerns about heart issues and that didn’t work out so well. I’d rather die a bit younger from a heart attack after having lived a quality life than have ten more years of being a drooling lump on a non-working med. Also, I was born with a serious heart condition and there has been no indication that Geodon is making it worse.

Live is a value proposition.



All Antipsychotics have side effects.

Risperdal has side effects, but it keeps me grounded and stable.

I guess it’s my miracle med.


All antipsychotics are a risk vs reward decision. I am on 800 mg of seroquel, and it has made me gain weight and I am starting to have high blood sugar, but I would rather have diabetes than go back to the place I was at.


Latuda had no side effects and is the healthiest med I think they should ban all the poisonous meds and make Latuda cheaper

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Latuda didn’t work all that well for me.


Sorry to hear that. What didn’t you like about it

Latuda worked well the next day. But at night when taken I would have to go through an awful depression side effect

It doesn’t do half as much to quiet voices and quell delusions as Geodon does for me. I had trouble with weight gain on Latuda, my vision was blurry, and I had horrible cramping. If we’re picking drugs to be outlawed, I’d actually move that one up the list.



I’m on a drug from the 70’s, Depixol, far from perfect but I tolerate it better than Abilify.

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I’ve been on Geodon over a decade, and it has given me a quality of life I could never have on Haldol or any other of the typical anti-psychotics. I would rather live ten more years on Geodon than twenty more on a typical anti-psychotic.

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Are we sure it’s just males that get this? How many other experienced unexpected breast enlargement—male or female?

I gained weight, yea, but my chest still isn’t too proportionate and when I dropped to 145 it was even more obvious. I blame the pills (been on both geodon and resperidal before the sudden increase in size)

Also, the lactation thing…is that related to this one pill, too? If so, I’d like to sue now. Nobody told me I’d get a larger, milk-producing chest by taking the pills.

Latuda caused severe manic symptoms for me. I liked it at first but after a while I realized it was destroying me. I am glad to be back on Invega.


I took latuda and it made me want to crawl out of my skin, and it did not work nearly as well on my positive symptoms. It is no more of a healthy med than any other, it is just new. Wait a couple years and I am sure you will be watching tv and see a commercial for a class action lawsuit. There is no perfect med because we are all so different.


I’ve stuck with Zyprexa, even though it probably is the cause of my diabetes - for the same reason. I’m treating the diabetes the best that I can.

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Women get it too but it’s not unnatural for women to have breasts although it is for them to lactate without a baby

That crawl out of your skin thing goes away if you adjust your dose with your doctor and take a benzo with it

Hey! I know! Let’s take ALL the antipsychotics off the market because they CAN cause TD. Make sense?


Great Britain took Geodon off the market. The problem is there’s no programs to help pay for the healthier meds due to the fact that these cheaper unhealthy meds that cause problems like diabetes heart problems and such are still on the market.

Who cares what the UK does? They have meds that us in the USA do not have, and vice versa. The same is true across the world.

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