Why hasn't my psychiatrist diagnosed me with anything but is prescribing me all these meds

i have been seeing him for over a year even tho until this month i had a 5 month break from going to to him because of insurance issues that are fixed now, but the meds have worked a little but my symptoms are never completely gone i just want to know why i dont have a diagnosis of anything at all i feel like i can stop guessing and maybe will know what i can do to help myself once i am diagnosed with something

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Have you asked your pdoc? Maybe you could ask some other mental health professional. You should know what your dx is.

Some doctors don’t like to tell patients what their diagnosis is, because they don’t want them to stigmatize themselves. Some doctors don’t approve of the DSM labels, and choose not to acknowledge them, except for insurance purposes. My own doctor waited a year and a half before finally telling me I had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.


My doctor reluctantly told me I had schizophrenia when I specifically asked him. But later on he said my symptoms resemble more an atypical depression and for insurance purposes that’s the official diagnosis that he gave me. I guess the whole stigma thing comes into play too…

One of my doctors told me that I had sza in 1994, and that label stuck all these years through many, many different doctors up to this day. Nobody has ever questioned it. So, I don’t either.

I was medicated for months before I was given a DX. Some don’t like to give DX for the reasons said above, like self-stigmatization among other things.