Why exercise helps

Sometimes I think of everything I’ve experienced at once and it feels like it’s going to crush me into a pulp. It’s like standing in front of a tsunami and watching the wave rise higher and higher. When I work out, I realized I can let myself feel those feelings, and they are not painful, because it’s like I am running away from them. Even though I’m just on an elliptical at a gym, it’s like I am running running running from the tsunami. I don’t have to be crushed by it anymore. And when I’m done the endorphins make me feel euphoric, like I got away, I’m safe, I did it. And I feel stronger, and I feel good.

People say exercise is good for mental health and throw around a lot of scientific terms but no one ever really talks about the emotional side of it and how it feels and I think that’s important too because someone who’s depressed or disturbed or angry doesn’t care about the science of exercise they just want to feel something different than what they’re feeling.


Exercise is a good habit to have!

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