Why every thread talking about homosexuality is so often closed?

there is no homophobia if there is no restriction of freedom of discussion. it only makes people to be brave and more clear about themselves. Some people deny they are homosexual/bisexual but it is ok. why we r not being able to talk what we want to talk? i dun understand

Because often the discussion turns into some people talking about how they feel homosexuality is abnormal or unnatural, or religion gets brought into the picture.

I do agree there should be more room to discuss it, but I think the mods are trying to crack down on intolerance.

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let them speak, whoever think it s abnormal are homophobia and homophobia could be a result of repressed homosexuality, it is fine

Actually it’s not fine. Whatever the reason for homophobia, people who see homophobic comments feel bad about themselves and if someone is closeted, it might make them scared to come out.

Homophobia is hate, and hate hurts.


You started a thread saying schizophrenia is caused by homosexuality, and that you deserved to be punished for it. And you’re surprised it got shut down?! If you reopen this topic again, you will be suspended.