Why don't you get angry?

…With stigma? Are the others better than us?

I feel incapable of feeling or expressing any type of anger or even mild annoyance or irritation whatsoever, 99% of the time. But this has been getting better recently.


I do, but unfortunately they are the majority. Unless we could establish some underground network, there might not be much for which we could hope.


Stigma is not the problem, the problem is cures, I expect my disorder(schizophrenia) quickly to be cured!!!
It cannot be that Ildar Khairullin is better than me at chess!!!
I deserve the exact same genes like he has!!!
I love advanced countries that conduct research and move humanity forward.

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I guess you have to find something that will make you angry, a motive, like what happened to me today and I felt that every person who has behaved me with the worst way is inferior to me.

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Hi Brasil. What do you mean by underground network, can you explain that to me?

What happened to you today?

Something not important, but it triggered my anger and made me feel better by not tolerating something even small one.

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It does feel pretty good to stand up for yourself sometimes lol.


Yes it does. I wish we could always feel that way…that would be a more fair world.

No, we are better than them because we are apathetic and we can’t get angry : )

Ever since I’ve been doing empty bowl mindfulness meditation twice daily for 15 minutes each time, I don’t get angry anymore. And I used to be an anger monster, getting angry with just about everybody all of the time. I had no patience and I was always running on irritable. Mindfulness meditation has made me mellow and calm and cool as a cucumber. It’s really amazing the difference. I NEVER get angry anymore. This is like night and day difference in me. Absolutely nothing affects me anymore. I’ve been meditating twice daily for the last 5 months very consistently every day. And this is the difference it has made. I highly recommend mindfulness meditation 15 minutes twice daily, everyday for sza’s and bipolar’s who have irritable mania’s.

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