Why don't I appreciate life?


When I was a teen, right out of the blue, my father said to me “You don’t appreciate life.” I didn’t respond at all. I never responded to my parents when they spoke to me. They seldom spoke to me. I think they gave up on me.

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The hard truths are the only truths. That’s what I learned tonight. This life is a gift. ■■■■■■■ hell, Talk to people, talk to as many of them as you can. See them and let them see you.

Idk, maybe it applies maybe it doesn’t. I like you either way.

Edit: and if you’re family gave up on you, F*CK them! Get a better family .Stay awesomesauce @chordy


Yes. I don’t talk to people. I shut myself up in my room day after day. It’s like my mind is in lock down.

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I’ve been on lock down too. I’ve seen you’re posts, you’re beautiful (like a person, like all of them). Give them a chance to know you. Solve problems, explore the world to the best of your ability, connect with the vastness of the available people in this world. Know it is only an exercise, and that the suffering is worth it and it will end.


You’re worth it @cordy. ■■■■, I wish someone told me that. You’re worth it

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What an awful thing to say. Even worse that your parents didn’t really speak to you. That’s emotional abuse. I think you do a good job reaching out to us. Maybe try baby steps towards reaching out to people you can physically see and talk to.