Why don’t u take ur meds

do anyone have any thoughts about it?? i dun know why but i think i stop myself from taking meds most likely because of the tag maybe

i ‘d prefer smoking imo

I take the pills and do well accordingly.

It really can make a difference over madness. Smoking isn’t good for your health whether it’s weed or nicotine. You’ll never get stable if it’s weed.

It’s all about efficiency over side effects. If it’s controlling your symptoms then it’s great. Then you work on side effects.


You might end up homeless or in a group home and spend years in and out of treatment programs like my clients. Do the smart thing and take meds.


@anon62973308 you are a psychiatrist?

Everything I do is with doctor approval. We work together very closely and that’s why I don’t take.

I always felt like I didn’t need meds at first. And I was in hospitals for a long time. Started taking my meds and stayed out. So far only when I stopped taking meds or missed doses have I got relapses. The thing is when I am in relapse, I don’t feel like taking my meds cause if feel like it’s a spiritual battle. Still do believe it’s a spiritual battle. But for now I am taking my meds…

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A long time ago I was involuntarily hospitalized because I didnt take my meds. I was told I had no other choice but an injection. My pdoc is going to put me on latuda instead of invega sustenna. Going from an injection to oral med. I plan on taking the oral medication. Just hope I do okay on the new drug. It was a big mistake not to take meds.


I don’t take meds (anymore) because I lost my health insurance back in 2014 due to my divorce.
It was at the start ofObamacare and I went to 5 different people, but it turned out they were misinformed and I should have gotten Medicare, but now it’s too late without paying a huge penalty every month for the rest of my life.

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How are you doing without taking meds?

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Are you on disability or retirement? If you are on disability and switch to retirement when you are that age the penalty will roll off and you start over fresh. Just as long as you enroll in Medicare when you reach retirement or you will start up a penalty again.

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I’m on SSDI - permanent disability.

The thing is, I was already on my (ex) husband’s plan through his work when I became eligible for Part B, and his plan covered more for less than medicare, so I declined it.
If the Covered California workers (3 of them) and my old HMO HR employer had been better informed, I would have Medicare with no penalty each month.

But because they told me since I turned it down when first offered, I would have to pay a ‘huge’ penalty for every year I didn’t have it- each month -for as long as I had it!

I only learned last year that in a case like mine- loosing coverage through divorce, I had 3 months to switch to medicare without incurring a penalty.

My track record for calling/going in person to ‘fix’ something like this,
I doubt I will ever see a dr. again.

How am I doing off meds?
It’s a daily struggle, and I’d have to agree that I did better on them.

I took a picture of part of this article on my phone saving it for someone. You can get an idea of what I mentioned though.