Why don’t I believe I am sick?

I realise I am sick,I am like fighting against the truth.I took medicine and I really can’t take long term.I always take for a few months and then fight that I am not sick :(:pensive:

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Because believing you are not sick would be easier for you than the truth.

I did that for a long time too. You forget what the voices sound like and think it was all just you’re imagination. The disease has us thinking that our thinking is fine, but we’re not fine off our meds. Idk why I hear a lot of people say this happens to them, it’s part of the illness.

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because to us the voices and delusions are our reality, its normal to us especially since we’ve been dealing with it for so long. but the biggest part of getting better is to accept that its not normal and we need help, even if we feel like we dont.

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