Why don’t doctors trust women? Because they don’t know much about us


I can relate to this.
I have PCOS. For years I visited male doctors and complained of stomach aches, irregular periods, hard to control weight gains, and other symptoms of my hormones wreaking havoc.
Each time, they did (negative) pregnancy tests and told me my menstrual cycle probably just needed time to naturally stabilise, despite having had my period since I was 12.

It was first when I got a female doctor that I was taken seriously and sent for scans, which revealed multiple cysts on my ovaries.
It wasn’t until I was 24 I finally got treatment for it, in the form of metformin.
I’m 29 now, and I have a very good, knowledgeable and compassionate doctor who has put me on birth control to stabilise the hormones.

His coworker, though. They are three doctors at the clinics. Two males, one female. One of the male doctors is the first guy I described. The second one said he couldn’t help me because the female doctor was out of town, and she was better at “women’s ailments”.
I’m sorry, is that not part of the medical training they spend years to achieve?

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I much prefer woman Psychiatrists way more than men.

I dont know why i just hating talking to another man about my problems.

This seriously frustrates me. For two years, my nausea was treated as a stress issue. Finally, I discovered on my own that a vegetarian diet helped, and when I finally got a female doctor she said I had probably been bitten by a lone star tick and developed an allergy to meat. But in the meantime I had lost my favorite job and been homeless because I didn’t have any money left.

My genetic disease took 3 years to diagnose.

If only doctors saw the signs, I would have tried to slow the progression. I knew nothing about my disease.

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