Why doesn’t my doc believe that I don’t lack insight

I just lied to her… :confused:

You in one breathe question why she doesn’t believe you and in the next admit that you lied to her. Doesn’t help your case


I know but I told the truth to her recently which is that I lied aboutt my symptoms and I don’t have delusions


I’ve heard of that yes and it sucks :confused:

You need to stop posting this over and over. Your questions have been answered multiple times. I’m sorry if you don’t accept the answers.


He either has to believe that you have no insight, or that you made a conscious and rational choice to threaten his life. Be grateful he chose the one that doesn’t land you in jail.


Are you sure you’re on the right forum? I think you’re wasting your time and everyone else’s time.


You won’t get jailed for that here usually unless it’s not your first offense

why? :confused:

Key word being USUALLY.


Well why would I get jailed? I haven’t ever done anything illegal before aside from minor things

Courts don’t give half a crap that you are mentally ill. If you are capable of reasoning and capable of consent, you are capable of being put in jail for violent behavior. You aren’t special to a court. They don’t care that you “didn’t really mean it.” They don’t care that you have an excuse. They hear excuses all day long. They listen to mentally ill people all day long. If you go before a court, you have 2 options. Either the court finds you mentally competent, and you go to jail/juvenile detention, or they find you mentally incompetent, and you get put on CTO and lose the right to sign legal documents for a minimum of 5 years including losing the right to vote.


CTOs do not exist in my country so that ain’t an option… it doesn’t work that way here

I’d rather go to jail than be deemed mentally incompetent anyway…

No, you wouldn’t rather you to jail. Try reading stories about what it’s like in jail. It’s an awful place. Just take your meds.

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I’ve heard what’s it like and it would be better for me than meds… I hate taking meds personally

With the general level of obtuseness you display, the last place you want to wind up in front of is a judge. They like to make examples of people who say dumb things and talk back. I don’t think you’d enjoy being sentenced as an adult given how much you carp over what amounts to minor inconveniences.

Your wish might come true.

You don’t realise that I’m going to die due to the meds?