Why does the Irish people speak English....?

I’m guessing because Gaelic is complicated?


your knowledge and clarity plus way of words are 100%

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In our country there is a separation right now. My parents have money and there’s two sides it seems. They’re driven by money but it deals into a variety of life affairs. There is a vast difference between them. Well my parents are on the other side of all the younger folks. I don’t wanna get too political so that’s all I’ll say. But sometimes we try and reason but they always seem to say something pretty offensive. So we just try to avoid it we’re all sensitive probably

Thank you. I appreciate your compliment.

Also, there are a lot of great literature coming from your nation. Maybe it’ll help to revitalize your language.

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I understand about the enclosure of political issues, which I will respect this forum’s rules.

People forget the past. It’s like how young Koreans forget the traditional ways of living. Some young women are picking up the pansori (Korean traditional storytelling) but the advancement for that is very little. It’s just how life flows by.

The money problem is very much apparent in my country, too. It also dictates a lot of educational issues. Your family is not alone in that, I’m sure. Hoping that your family will be in peace soon…

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