Why does the Irish people speak English....?

…when us Irish should be speaking our native language Irish…

Conas ata tu…?

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I’m 1/8th Irish but I never heard of Irish referred to as a race.

you’re right, I will change that to people/nation

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Maybe it would help if you stopped getting conquered by the English?


Why does the USA race speak English I don’t get it

conquered ? that hurt me!

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I am happy that the USA are the leaders of the world as a super power

I’m not I don’t trust practically anyone in power in the USA ever and not anyone anytime soon either. We make laws that have too much power internationally

but I feel safe knowing the USA are a fair and nobel nation throughout history


We do our best a lot of us but there’s a lot of corruption. At this point we’re keeping a balance in order by not taking too much advantage of our power. But we still do it in more discrete ways. And I don’t always like how we got to this point. It’s a fair argument. You can probably write a whole book on the advantages and disadvantages of USA as a world super power. Thanks Pedro for another interesting thread :+1:

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Connemara you’ll find plenty of Irish speaking down there begod

thanks m8, its my pleasure…#

only for America we would all be speaking German or Japanese because of the past wars, have you ever heard that before?

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Yes I have. We still have racial issues in our country and discrimination and stuff and tons of ■■■■■■■■ going on. Disagreements and it’s never gonna be perfect probably but on the other hand at least we abolished slavery quicker than other countries. And were working on it. I try to think of both sides to everything so I’m not anti USA. But I don’t have that much pride or anything. At least we are diverse so it’s like some countries may not have racial issues so much but that’s because they have less diversity. I see.

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plus the rise of china and other nations such as Iran and the middle east countries the USA have to be diplomatic fair and powerful here for all of our futures

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My native country (South Korea) was conquered by the Japanese more than 90 years ago. That really hurt my nation, and as a result the two Koreas were divided.

Soon, the Korean war broke out. My grandmother was almost killed in the war and was even captured.

Conquering a nation is never a good idea. Peace is.

My thoughts are with your people.

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The people in United States are originally settlers from England, Scotland, and elsewhere. United States was initially colony of Britain, but your nation petitioned for independence.

I’m thinking that is why your nation speaks English predominantly.

I also know that there are Ukarinian Americans there that migrated from Ukraine in the 1800s. Some people might be still keeping that language.

Also, adding that there are indigenous people in your country, there might be indigenous languages.

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I was making a dumb joke sorry I have a bad sense of humor. There’s no USA race lol we’re a melting pot. Then there is native Americans but we’ve ignored them/killed them much of our history.

lol that is ok! I mean, melting pot is not a bad thing. It means that you guys are gathered in one thought, which isn’t bad.

I’ve volunteered in an indigenous reserve for 2 weeks. They were Cree. It was a surreal experience. I was fascinated by their culture and their way of life. I’ve also realized that many of Korean traditional songs are similar to their folk songs sung at powwows.

Scientists assume that some mongoloids migrated to North America and settled there during Ice Age. There’s a chance that prehistoric Koreans traveled there and became aboriginal peoples. What has already been done cannot be fixed, but what we can do is to appreciate their culture and not bound their practices. After all, we’re all human and we all make mistakes. There’s reconciliation events going on in Canada that aims to mend the relationship between European settlers and the aboriginal peoples. It’s slow but it will help to mend that relationship.

I’ve also learned some Cree beforehand for the Elders but I forgot all…welp.

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I agree!! My family migrated here as immigrants in the early 1900s. We are jewish Italian Irish heritage. My parents are good people just a little too influenced by politics on television if u ask me. They forget where they and their parents came from I think. There’s some sensitive subjects not brought up at the dinner table anymore

The thing is, for our family, we don’t want to talk about our nation’s past either unless it comes up in the news. We don’t want to uncover the past. It is like mentioning to my grandmother about the war. She doesn’t get upset, but we definitely do not want to bring that up in the dinner table. War is horrifying on its own…