Why does she do these things

it is weird whenever my mom is downstairs in the kitchen or living room and i come into the room she leaves and goes to her bedroom she is also always on the phone but even when she is not on the phone she leaves the room whenever i come in i don’t get it she also nags me to the point of wanting to leave the house and saying the same annoying stuff to me over and over but she tells me i dont talk to her enough like why should i and why would i want to when your response to everything i say is you should mow the lawn or have u done any of your schoolwork or you need to clean the house, i honestly cant wait until I’m off at college or in an apartment because this stuff and so many of the other things she does annoys me makes me suicidal because i want to take myself out of these situations I’m in everyday


there is no reason to be suicidal. Maybe it is only a misunderstanding?
Know your mother’s value and worth, wish my mom was close and nagged me to do things. Just try to help her and listen to her whenever you can you know? You have only one. Take it easy =)

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i just hate it because it seems like everyone that i talk to irl usually immediate family they all tell me the same things that she does and there is other things that add on the the feeling of suicidalness not just that but it just seems like everyone i meet has the same plan they are put here to make me get rid of myself by making me feel like crap all the time i cant enjoy anything

why does that make you feel like crap? could be delusional you know. Nobody can make you feel what you don’t wanna feel? you know ?- Miss buddha

Sorry you’re feeling stressed. My mom used to do the same thing. I think it was her way of trying to help me improve. She knew I was sick, but didn’t know how to help. She tried her best, even if it just made things worse. Things got better for me once I was able to move out. Once my mom saw me improving, she started to realize that all her nagging wasn’t helpful. Now, she is much more supportive. Things do get better.

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ii might be delusional i usually am not but lately i just have been a little delusional and hearing voices when i am freaking out but it makes me feel like crap because all these people telling me to do things it just ruins my mood i dont really like to be told what to do over and over and the things other people do irritates me a lot it is like people are doing things to mess with me

sorry =( but you know, these voices are not real and once you completely realize that, you will be able to distract yourself from negativity.

Has your family read this book? It might help them learn how to be more supportive to you.

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she probably wouldn’t want to read it because she thinks there is nothing wrong with me now that i am on meds and that i am just lazy and a failure

That is common with parents. She doesn’t want to admit you are sick because you are her baby and she loves you and wants you to be healthy. So it is easier for her to think you can solve your problems with hard work and strength of character. The turning point for my mom was when I finally found a medication that helped me. Once she saw me improve because of medications, she realized there was actually something medically wrong with me that needed to be treated. It took a long time, though.


Mom’s nag. I never met a one who didn’t. It doesn’t mean anything. Maybe try to talk to your mom about how it makes you feel. If you have to do certain things around the house, maybe write them down on a list together. I agree about the book. She probably doesn’t really understand what you’re going through, but is trying to give you some outside motivation.