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Why Does Pedro Always Repeat His Opening Header?


No one expects you or any of the mods to be everywhere, reading every little thing.

I could do with less deleted posts.


For shame!

I don’t flag posts unless its just horribly offensive or religious.

Pretty much everything else gets a pass,

Even drunk, gambling pedro.


I flag things that get triggery or if the person sounds like they’re off their rocker. I don’t care so much about drunk posting or talking about drugs, though.


Sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped. It’s just the second time today someone has asked why x gets deleted but y doesn’t, despite never having flagged y for us to delete.


I think everyone has been a little edgy the last few days,

I’m bored to death taking care of my husband and about to start my period…


Oy vey,

Apologies on my part.



GTA IV physics be like…


That’s beautiful @roxanna. I can tell you mean it.


Riches, enriches?.. the last one may be a grab lmao


Why religion? …


I usta spout blasphemous nonsense then flag myself to get religious post closed… ive calmed down and no longer care better meds i guess… but religion is triggering af to some of us…


Perfect! Snitches get riches!!!


Yes, I can understand that. I’m not religious. Of any sort. I find it all kind of nonsensical, but I tend to not share my opinions with others because I assume everyone has their crazy views on The Lord almighty and would be up my ass about it…so to speak.

But then again I don’t share my opinion on most things with people I know. It’s easier to just sit back and be a mute.


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