Why Does Pedro Always Repeat His Opening Header?


Why does Pedro always repeat his opening header?


Why does Pedro always repeat his opening header?



Why does Pedro always repeat his opening header?


Why does Pedro make posts while drunk but if any of us post about drugs or booze we get deleted?


coz I might want too


Why do people complain about posts not getting deleted but don’t flag them? :upside_down_face:


I’m no snitch…




Unless you try to make a religious post,

Then I’ll snitch all day.


Is Pedro schizophrenic?


Is schizophrenia a religion?

Flag me @goldenrex :heart:


If pedro was diagnosed by a doctor,

Then, yes.

I believe if you believe you can gamble your way out of poverty,

You’re delusional.

That’s a symptom.


Pedro hits the store before posting on the forum…



I’m more than a gambler I bet the odds most time


If you are such a skilled gambler,

How are you not super rich yet?


Gamblers only ever tell you about their wins…never their massive losses.


I keep thinking of pedro from napoleon dynamite for some reason…


I logged in just to say this



We delete them whenever we see them. Seriously I’m sick of people complaining that we don’t delete things, but then not flagging the things that need to be deleted. We are not omniscient! And for the record, Pedro has 43 deleted posts.


I’m a huge snitch. I flag everything. :rofl::joy::rofl:


We appreciate that. On this forum, snitches don’t get stitches. Snitches get the satisfaction of knowing they’ve helped keep this a safe environment for everyone.

Side note, very few positive words rhyme with “snitches.”