Why does no one give attention to infantile head injuries?

Head injuries are bad enough as adults, but when one is an infant, they cause even more severe difficulties if you ask me.

I think because a babies skull is still forming and softer it can actually absorb more impact then an adult’s skull.

I don’t agree. A soft apple bruises easier than a hard one.

Trust me i know, two or three head injuries as a child.

And no one gave a ■■■■ whatsoever.

The worst part is meeting new people, they have no idea your brain was screwed in this way since you were a child, imagine getting maimed for being a loser the rest of your life because of ■■■■ like this.

May an asteroid wipe this place from existence.(and everyone gets a good life finally, i should mention that also)

Babies heal quicker? Mom’s don’t want anyone to know they dropped their kid on their head?
IDK, I have one brother we swear my mom dropped a few times on his head when little, but she swears she didn’t.

The fear of jail can be a big influence in what is known.

But being clumsy isn’t a crime, though being stupid should.

Tell your Mom that. It might open up her memory.

My mom is far from stupid (or clumsy) and her memory is fine… It’s my brother that needs his head checked.

It could have been some other head injury. I know I blamed my mother for mine in the heat desperation. One has to remember that babies are basically one person people, the only other in their world is mother. My head injury was actually a doctor’s “work”.

What about the fathers role, many babies are raised more by their fathers than their uninterested mothers, as my brothers babies were.

I had 3older brothers, 2 of whom were none to pleased to find a little sister to compete with moms attention. My first minutes home were caught on film by my father, and the sequence goes, baby in the house, curious brothers check me out, two unhappy faces, then one finger in my eye, two happy boys, one unhappy girl.
There was much more crying to come later.

Fathers can be mother substitutes just as bottles are breast substitutes. Not the best, but certainly better than nothing.
I had 2 older sibs who got wind that I was unwanted. And they thought they could let me know that any way they could think of. I sympathize with your situation.

I understand that, my mom always said she wished she only had one kid, me too I’d tell her.