Why does my spelling get bad when I can't speak?

When my brain shuts down from anxiety or sensory overload, I sometimes lose the ability to speak.

What’s strange is my handwriting gets worse, my grammar is off, my typing speed is slower, and I keep putting the wrong letters where they don’t belong.

Can someone give me a scientific explanation for this?


Could it be like this quote from a time online magazine article on Stage fright?

"The more cortisol released, the greater the strength of the signaling seen in this network. Meanwhile, the parts of the prefrontal cortex involved in thought and reasoning began to shut down.

That means, basically, that under stress, the brain automatically shifts its focus away from current activity — for example, doing homework or debating — and toward readiness for fight or flight. That’s why high stress can “make your mind go blank” at the worst possible moments. A faster but more primitive neural network takes over."


Because it affects language, not speech. Speech is just one part of language.

Diagramming sentences helped me once upon a time. It’s stored in a different part of the brain. Also, singing may be untouched.

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What’s diagramming sentences?
Also, that makes a lot of sense.

I used to have a text to speech app where I could pre-set phrases I knew I’d be likely to use. Maybe I should try to find it again

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@ATARI Sometimes one can sing and not speak. When I had a stroke that caused aphasia, the longest thing I could say was “shut up and dance with me”. It’s from a song. It wasn’t useful, but I could say it. It made people laugh though.

@Pikasaur If you haven’t already learned to diagram sentences in school, it may not be worth it now. They turn sentence parts into little diagrams. I could diagram a sentence I wanted to say and still have no idea what any of the words were. Still, doing it and working hard at it is how I came to speak again.

Just, if there is anything in your past where you learned language in a different way, you may be able to access/use that.

Your app will only help you if you can type the words. I think there is a free component of Proloquo2Go, it’s the best out there for this type of thing, but is way more expensive than noise canceling headphones…which I suggest you work on before all this (if possible). Get to it at its root.

I’d like to learn more about what you mean by turning sentences into diagrams.

The app I had, let me type in sentences and then attach them to a button. This way, when my brain shut down, all I had to to was enter the app and press the button, and the phone would say it for me.
“I am unable to speak”
“Please don’t touch me”
“Take me to a quiet place”

Sentence diagramming:


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@Pikasaur Oh! Also, I don’t lose sign language when I lose language. I should have led with that.

It’s primarily only helpful when others around you use it too, but many of the signs are obvious to what they are.

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Same here, actually! Sadly, I don’t encounter many people who know the signs I know. But hand gestures sometimes work.

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@Pikasaur I was diagnosed as autistic when I was younger, before I was reclassified as sza. Info for autism is really helpful for this type of thing.

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@rocket, stuttering is like that. I knew a girl who stuttered so badly she couldn’t say a sentence at all, but when she sang she could say all the words to the song as if there was no problem at all. It was so interesting. Luckily for her, she sang beautifully

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I’ve actually asked doctors to consider me for autism several times.
Every time, they’ve listed a few stereotypical symptoms (despite those being the most common in adolescent males) and told me I didn’t seem to have any of those.

Yes, I’m able to maintain eyecontact. But I have a lingering gaze, and it still makes me extremely uncomfortable.
I’ve just learned to do it because people kept yelling at me for not looking them in the eyes.

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