Why does my energy go low in the afternoon? Who else?

Who else has this symptom? I am like this since a teenager tbh :frowning: … Its very hard… I can handle all the rest, but when I feel this heaviness in all my body, I also cant think well then, I start to drag my feet and just feel badly emotionally and in my body… Its way too much, cause I have just to lay down…
I also guess, that maybe the psychosis is consuming me in the day… I am not recovered on my thinking and emotionally, but I am patient now…
I am just scared of this lowering of my energy, cause I don’t find that the aps are good for this… I cant take ads, they raise my paranoia…
But why is this happening? Its very somatic too, yeap… Please share if you can. I hope just, that this will pass one day…

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It’s just your body. Lots of Neuro typicals need midday naps too.

Its way too strong to be normal… I feel my brain in my head then… Some heaviness in my chest (soul), which oppresses me and I feel ultra depressed too then… I think as a dummie then too :confused: … I drag my feet then, nope, its not normal…
But I search what kind of symptom is this and if somebody else was having it?

I’m not sure. I don’t have it. Hopefully someone else can shed some light


I also take naps in the afternoon whenever possible.

If you want more physical energy, you need to exercise. If you are too paranoid to go to a gym or to jog outside, then get a stationary bike.

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do you find yourself worrying a lot… does that contribute to the exhaustion

I sometimes experience a marked drop in energy after twelve noon. It often occurs after a very good morning. It usually happens on a warm, drowsy Spring day, especially after lunch. The food in my belly seems to really sap my energy.

I drink coffee to prevent this, it works.

Coffee actually does help a lot. When I was working I would take naps in my car on my lunch break. Just don’t nap too long — power nap

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a glass of really good quality cold water seems to help my afternoon fatigue a lot. I get dehydrated pretty easily. I also seem to not get afternoon dips as much if I totally avoid caffeine.

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