Why does my brother not understand me and calls me crazy

he puts me down hes not nice to me

he doent care 1111

I’m sorry @oulabi

I’m sorry. One of my brothers is the same way. I’ve basically stopped having deeper conversations with him and just settle for small talk when I have to talk with him since it’s clear his ability to connect to others on an emotional level is lacking, to say the least.


My brother can be moody.
He doesn’t always care to communicate with us efficiently.


What meds are you taking

Geodon, paxil, wellbutrin, and buspar

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in my situation because i dont communicate i need a brother that can understand me and communicate with me.it gets boring.hes bored im bored.whats the point.im getting old as well and i take medication.im getting bored by my self.hes not.he just wants to be an ass.


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