Why does my body hold me back

What symptom of schizophrenia is that? I am not scared or afraid to leave the house but it feels like I can’t leave the house.

Its avolition, lack of motivation, not fear or lack of willpower. I have it severely. I stay in bed all day everyday, only get up to eat. My parents house and feed me. They also bring me my meds.

Any tips? I’m ruining my piping using too much toilet paper and I can’t even mentally prepare myself to get a colonoscopy and I’m having a hard time transporting myself to even the psychiatrist. They wanted to put me on clozapine in the hospital but I don’t see myself staying on medicines for long with this thing holding me back I don’t have a car or a ride. I’ve begged my family. Sat there and begged

Strong coffee and strong black tea helps me during the day. It prevents me from sleeping all day and instead browse this forum. Once a week I may play video games on my PC. Do what you enjoy and don’t force yourself, be natural. I am less functional without meds, I become a danger to others and myself. So meds improve me eventhough they don’t help negative symptoms.

One suggestion is try Abilify and Wellbutrin, my psychiatrist said these can help. Abilify improved my negative symptoms but had to stop it due to side effects.

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I had a lot of negative symptoms at the beginning of the disease. Now i think i could do something but i don’t leave the house though.

Thank you. I love coffee but even a little bit just makes me psychotic

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Did you try Abilify and Wellbutrin?

Its due to affective flattening or blunted affect. In normal people they get emotions to do day to day activities and other things but due to this condition no feelings come. Only way to manage this is by forcing yourself to do the needed whether feel it or not. Once you start then it gets easy on the hand if you not initiate it only get worse. Make good habits and follow it strictly.

@pr21 Were you diagnosed with schizophrenia by a psychiatrist? Were you in mental hospital?
Abilify is the only thing that improved my negatives. Psychiatrist said only Abilify and Wellbutrin improves negatives. I know Abilify, Rexulti and Vraylar improve negatives bcz they don’t fully block dopamine. They increase dopamine when dopamine is low and they decrease dopamine when dopamine is high. They’re dopamine regulators unlike other meds which fully block dopamine.

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I never went to a psychiatrist for diagnosis. Glad i not have any positive symptoms yet but have negative symptoms for over 16 years now in various degree. Affective flattening is the symptom i first noticed which over time getting worse and worse. I now realized my issue and nowadays not wait for emotion or motivation to come to do daily things instead forcing myself to do whether feel like or not. If i wait for motivation i not able to do anything and simply remain catatonic which if i do will make parents and others to pick me to mental hospital so trying my best to remain functional.

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Good that you’re able to force yourself into doing things, I can’t. I was able on Abilify but it gave me worse issues than negatives. Its rare on this forum to only have negative symptoms. Its good that you don’t need meds.

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I am pretty sure I would still have negative symptoms without meds bcz I tried for a year, I still had negative symptoms. I hope its not permanent brain damage…Some studies proves brain damage but I don’t want to believe that I am permanently disabled…

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I not know what exactly i have whether its schizo, bipolar, depression, dementia etc.

I have many other mental issues other than negative symptoms which include social anxiety, ocd, adhd etc.

These can be treated with meds. I had a friend who has social phobia, he takes Citalopram and it helps me. But honestly I think you only have negative symptoms, they’re pretty similar to social anxiety, ocd and adhd just milder. I also think I have those due to negative symptoms.

Lack of medicine for negative symptoms is the reason why not trying to get help from doctors.

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From my years of experience dealing with negative symptoms forcing to do is the only thing which works for this condition.

Forcing thing work wonders too. It appears like impossible but if try and.initiate it suddenly become possible. Then habits keep it going.

I think Abilify may help you but at the same time if you use it you have to use it for life or you might get positive symptoms without it. Also for me it caused addiction issues. You can also try Wellbutrin, my psychiatrist said it helps with negatives but it didn’t for me.

I read in internet antipsychotics worsens catatonia and severe negative symptoms is almost like catatonia.

You have no ocd of any kind?