Why does happy music give me angry thoughts?

Usually, happy music makes me feel better. Not today. Today, it fills me with rage.
Nova smaaaash!



Idk. I usually listen to the same music everyday, just keep it in the background. When I don’t like it anymore or I think I need to change it, it’s because usually I’m thinking or feeling differently from the usual self

Nova no smashhh! Maybe you need your rage to get through the day. Sometimes I use my rage to get the dishes done. It sounds dumb. But there you have it.


Sometimes we can’t relate to the music. We become jealous of people who are happy and can enjoy happy music, or we are reminded of how unhappy we are. Can you listen to angry music? Does that help? Or calming music?

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Yea if there’s too much happy stuff around me there have been times in my life where it is overwhelming for me cos i simply could not relate so felt isoalted sad and overwhelmed as a result

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Maybe your bored or just have rage that day. It will pass.

Sometimes I get angry for no reason and when I hear something that’s not that feeling it just makes it more irritating. Hopefully it passes soon!

happy is music is what you read into it, people have different perceptions of music, just like book. Art and creations can rub people the wrong way or it can be the best thing ever.

some depressing music can make you happy. if you look at it from a diff perspective.

Anger is hard to deal with, sometimes just talking about it can help you deal with it though.

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