Why does everything connect

after browsing through the threads I feel like everyone here is in on it, like we all know it connects but we just can’t say it yet. i’m reading the entire matrix wiki. it feels like we know we can do things with our minds if we were allowed but we are suppressed by the system to stay in the system. the body is a cell. my consciousness feels trapped. do we trust what we are told or trust what we know. are you me or just like me? if god created man in his image is the story of the pupil besting the master really that far fetched? please stop me. am i diving into the rabbit hole or climbing out?

what is intuition
how do you deal with glitches

i have no replies and it’s late

harrison bergeron


You are diving far down the rabbit hole and this doesn’t make much sense.


Overtime I have learned when I feel I’m heading or even in the rabbit hole I change my behavior and or habits. I’ve noticed what I read, watch, ingest, discuss and such can influence my beliefs. So now I look for balance. If I start to slide I change what I read or do, for instance I gave up alcohol and changed to a healthy diet because I feel it messes with my discernment and overall health. If I’m concerned with having delusions or paranoia I’ll stop reading, watching or discussing scary things, I’ll take a break from feeding a delusion, come back to center, etc. Balance has made a big difference for me. If my main objective is mental health I need to feed that not the delusions or paranoia.


@finally - Are you new?
Your posts are full of good advice.
So rational minded.
Full of positivity! :slight_smile:

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If you believe in an omnipotent god, yes, it is far fetched. The universe is vast. The nearest star is 22.8 trillion miles away. There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand in all the deserts and all the beaches in the world. We are tiny.

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