Why does everyone hate fruitcake?

I love the stuff. I can’t get enough of it. But comedians routinely put it down and make jokes about how no one likes it and other jokes.

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I like it. Didn’t have time or energy to make it this year so I scored some from the supermarket. Looking forward to sampling it tomorrow.



Hmm. I never thought of making it myself. In fact, right off hand, i can’t remember ever hearing that someone would make their. own.

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Used to make it as a kid with my mother. Lots of fun. And - I do still enjoy eating it - but haven’t had it in a few years.



Have not had fruit cake for several years. The only thing I don’t like is the mixed peel.

all kinds of fruitcake out there just the ones with nuts make it hard to eat …

when I was growing up… there was a neighbor who made her own fruit cake… it was sooo good. :yum:

The heavy flour… sticky store bought stuff… not so good.

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I love fruitcake, but it has sooooo many calories, and is so expensive.

A good Fruit cake can be tasty
I don’t hate fruitcake
Not keen on bread and butter pudding mind you never tried it but don’t fancy it

My mom taught me to make it. We’d make it in the summer and age it in the top of the closet. It would get pulled out once per month to get dosed with more rum and then wrapped back up again. It was pretty boozy by serving day. When I make it myself it’s a few weeks before and there is no booze involved.


Depends on how it’s made and with what…I like some fruitcakes and don’t like others.

Get one like this or a good glazed one and it’s pretty awesome

Ugh, some of the most vile stuff ever designed for human consumption. I hate it. Tastes like horseshit.

because raisins are just dead grapes-----benny and joon.

Man, you must have had some Baaaaad fruitcake… unless it was made on a Horse farm and the baker had just cleaned up the Horse stall and didn’t wash their hands, in which case it WAS horseshyte!

Them be fightin’ words, matey!



Put 'em up!!!

Ah-h-h-h-h. . . . . . . .

DJ mixing contest, mate! Fire up your control surface.


Does my flux capacitor count? I have no control surface. I think I’m gonna lose this battle…

■■■■ fruitcake, I prefer the term homosexual cake.

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