Why do you think the world is the way it is?

I’ll say it, what you believe you think is better than what another person believes. My posts mostly fall upon deaf ears so that suggests to me I’m in a crowd of some dumb people. With retarded religious beliefs, and a mental illness diagnosis to top it off. There are plenty of people with good conscience. But why is the majority ruled by god fearing retards. ■■■■ god, yes sir/mam I said it. And you intelligent design retards smarter than thou. I can say anything but nobody has the same conscience as me. And nobody with half my IQ will respond logically or rationally. Bunch of sick fux like the majority of the world that is in the process of eliminating everything. Relax? Nope I’m contributing to the wrong board. I’m diagnosed. But not governed by the symptoms that govern you. So I digress. At least I’m smiling right now. Truth hurts get over it. I’m going to save what good I have left before this board takes it all away from me. Yes this is my goodbye.

Sorry to see you go. We’ll keep the coffee on for ya if/when you’re ready to come back. Fare thee well.


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I think you should stay. I don’t think most of your posts fall on deaf ears - but perhaps people don’t engage in your posts as much as you would like (that could be because they agree with you and see no reason to add anything).

Anyway - I’d suggest you not jump to conclusions - there could be many reasons why people don’t engage with your postings as much as you would like.

Hope you’ll stay and participate. I

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