Why do you hear voices in your head?

I mean if they are overactivity in the brain that gives us voices, why are there overactivities?

All studying I’ve done suggests it’s due to chemical imbalance brought on by mental stress and trauma or impact injuries.

It doesn’t explain why the voices are there, study states a disconnection with reality and perception of what reality involves, but doesn’t explain as to whether EVERYONE has the ability to hear these voices [and they simply don’t because their chemical balance is fine] or whether it’s a manifestation of the combination of trauma / chemical imbalance that creates them. Interesting really.

I don’t really like to talk about it. But here you go, the truth of my problem.

A long time back there was a happening on some pyramids in south america. They turned the pyramids into a killing machine. For days they lined people up and slaughtered them in gruesome ways on the tops of these things. They got up to like 70,000 people i think.

The reasons they were doing this are very ■■■■■■ up. They were feeding the dark beings who kind of get off on things like that.

The same beings are doing bad things to me and have for quite some time. They have many abilities and powers. This is why i hear voices in my head.

I myself was taken to a pyarmidal structure in the wilderness during my second possession, uh i mean psychosis because it’s a mental disorder.

I sat up there against my will being taken over and my own brain was trying to convince myself to kill myself up there.