Why do you go to therapy?

Why do you go to psychotherapy? How long have you been in therapy? What do you get out of it? Have you changed because of psychotherapy?


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for me it works.
take care :alien:

My therapist and pdoc keep in contact with each other. Sending notes about my time with them. I think it helps that they keep in touch that way. They have helped me get out of an abusive marriage and helped me find afordable housing. They have gotten me to a hospital when I needed it. I am much better now that I’m out of the abusive situation. They encourage me to maintain contact with the outside world. Something I am not to good at. I’m grateful to have them in my life!


I go because the research says that it is very effective when combined with medication, and I do have questions and want to bitch to a clinical psychologist about sex or lack of or excess of or fixation on it and wanting to have sex with lots of people I meet (I like sex, I have a lot of casual sex, I am a slut, I admit it) but yeah I have been in therapy since I was like what 15 on and off, been seeing the same therapist for a year and a half now after getting a referral from the psychologist who evaluated me. I get my shiznit under control with therapy, I learn why I think the way I do, I get explanations and advice about virtually everything.

I have changed dramatically, I was a virgin and a loner for the most part before therapy, I only had friends that I got really drunk with, a drunken posse before I quit that and got on medication, now I have better friends who have their lives together. I have also learned to accept some of my traits which I fought and struggled with in the past.

I guess therapy is different for me because he treats me differently than the usual therapist styles- he appeals to my intellect by explaining things and then asking me to come to a conclusion, which is good because I am studying clinical psychology and will be writing a thesis next year.

I was a different person before and after committing to therapy and being fully honest. I am very honest with my current therapist. I tell him exactly what I have been thinking and doing.

This is ironic because I just joined a psychotherapy research lab in school and will be writing a thesis on it next year.

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Ive been seeing a psychiatrist for 16 and a half years. I used to like all my psychiatrists except my current one. My first few psychoatrst helped me become a nicer more therapeutic person. My current pdoc is an as*hole who I need to get away from.

I find that therapy does not help ‘cure’ or even treat effectively my BP/SZ symptoms.
Therapy helps me with the baggage that my illness causes- torn relationships, fears, dealing with life stressors, etc…
I also like the fact that I am leaving my house and somewhat socializing with someone, other than a family member - its good practice.
Therapy can help somewhat, but in my opinion should never replace medications for treating severe mental illnesses like SZ or BP

Sometimes there is a lot of darkness swirling around in my mind. I like to lay that on the desk of my therapist instead of the shoulders of my family.

I also go for reassurance… Sometimes I get told that my anxiety over a situation is perfectly normal. (I like hearing that)

Therapy has helped me cope with some of the extra baggage that comes with this label.

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it works for me as well,

i am actually studying counselling which is the same thing

and i also see a counsellor through the college but only a couple of times so far.

it doesn’t change who i am but it might make me a bit more aware of other peoples feelings as well as my own and put things in perspective,

sometimes it is tough talking about things though.

couldn’t do it without meds though :frowning:

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