Why do y'all get shots instead of pills?

I feel like shots have alot more risk of something going wrong or adverse effects

i never want to get shots i like to have the option to stop taking something quickly and not have it stuck in my system for weeks in case something does go wrong

Same here. Shots of APs sound sketchy to me


Shots releasess slowly to blood and bring more stable mood, pills go high and low in blood and this is undesirable


@aliali what are u doing buddy …

Killing evils and devil dear farcry,

What is your real name?

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My name iz niraj kafle …and i am from kirtipur nepal…

i get an injection and it helps if i forget to take the ap in pill form. and so i cant go off my meds

Can we call you just niraj?

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Yes of course … call me niraj …ali…!!!

I’ve noticed that people on monthly shots can be more sedated at the beginning of the month and more manic at the end. Same problem you’ve described above, but in slow motion.

Taking my pills as directed with meals keeps me level. The trick is to remember, but I have Google Calendar for that.


Doctors told me that shots are way better than pills.
With shots, your body takes what it needs when it needs it. This is not the case with pills. Pills are unstable and you take them at different hours during the day.

I agree with what pixel said. That was one reason I went back to pills. The other reason is can’t lift weights if I’m getting stabbed in the arm every month at varying pain levels.


Probably best I get the shot. It’s conveinent only once per 3 months and i might not take the pills.

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You can take shots more often and with less medication each time if you want to avoid mood issues. This is not as easily done with pills as with shots.

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Got both shots and pills. Think I could do with only shots though. Gonna talk with my doc about it next time.

Lol that made me laugh, but you’re forgetting the glutes. Arm is terribly painful, I’ve got it in the arms 3 times but finally they talked me into my butt and it’s never hurt less! No full nudity needed, I just lower my bottoms a little bit then poof!

They call those “booty darts”

They used to give me them in the hospital because they thought I was not med compliant. So instead of taking pills, they just came into my room once a day and BAM right in the kisser

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Simple answer. I had a track record of tending to forget oral meds.

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I get shots of Risperdal because the pills make me very, very constipated to where I can’t tolerate it at all. But, I find the shots work even better on my psychosis than the pills do anyway.

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