Why do we take meds?


We can conclude aps caused it. I didn’t have high cholesterol before taking aps. Then after taking them I got high cholesterol. Aps suck.


Me too. High cholesterol due to meds. I was vegan for years. How the hell did it happen?
I also have high blood pressure and heartbeats


I would say, it is to keep my condition more stabilized. Without the meds, I would hallucinate more and end up with intrusive thoughts.

I hope you are okay! Please take care. You got this!


I’ve been on my meds over 3.5 years. The intermittent audio hallucinations remind me to keep taking them. There’s also a 9/10 chance that going off meds will result in psychosis. Sz is a chronic life long illness, there’s no recovery without meds as far as I’m aware. It’s a brain damage issue


…to calm the storm in your head.


I don’t think sz os chronic for everybody. For example I only had symptoms for 6 weeks after my psychotic episode. Then all symptoms went away once on meds since may last year. Now I’m off meds and maybe I have recovered from the illness.


I dont like meds all they do is help me sleep i can take a sleeping pill for that without all the side effects


Because 60 or 70 years ago when they first discovered that a certain medication can help schizophrenics function, many supposedly hopeless cases of schizophrenia who were doomed to live in hospitals for life, suddenly got better and could actually leave the hospitals. And some people who had been committed for 10, 20 or 30 years showed some improvement. So now medication has been around for this length of time and it is proven to work. If medication had never come into being many of us on this forum would probably be institutionalized for life. This is why I take meds.


This is straight facts


I take them so I don’t go off of my rockers and end up in the mental hospital. Which I surely would without them.


I believe in mind over matter. No meds for me.


@ChaosBiology we’re they drug induced psychotic episodes? Is there an explanation besides sz?


Because i got under a community treatment order which means by policeforce. I ve never been told why. It seems noone took the time to do. Life has no reason somtimes. I believe time plays a big role in mental health. Glad i had doctors who had time for me.


They weren’t drug induced. But in 2016, a year before my 1st psychotic episode in 2017 I hallucinated on cannabis and it messed me up for over a week. I was already slightly ill in a different way. Weird major depression and anxiety plus paranoid thoughts, all of which have gone now.


So apparently with sz depressive variant you’ll only go psychotic when you get depressed? That’s what I read


Not entirely sure but depression was definitely the precursor to my psychosis.


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