Why do we take meds?


It is time to take meds but i am wondering why i take it it is now 2.5 years taking them now
I am depressed of them​:cry::cry:
Any good news any good reasons to take them


The good reason I take my meds is so I don’t go insane and in a mental hospital


I am feeling much better on Seroquel, more stable, like I have more control over my mind. I will be starting college in the fall, and I’m hoping I will be successful. Meds can (hopefully) give us our lives back.


To tell you truth i went to hospital two times nd i was ttt resistant untill latly i become fine


To be able to sleep and hoping it is working so no more delusions.


I have no delusions :grin::grin::grin:


Medicine can make sick people better nowadays. @saynow


That is cause of the meds I think


To keep my Life as is. I’m terrified of going back to the unit.


Hello @Wxrmhole, welcome to the forum!!


Because they’re so darn tasty!

And they help you stay sane.


Yummy yummy, I love me some cogentin (:nauseated_face:).


APs saved my life. I’ve been taking them for 34 years.


How have the antipsychotics affected your health over 34 years? E.g do you have high cholesterol? Diabetes or prediabetes? And any sexual dysfunction? That’s a real long time to be on meds.


I love halodol injection
I wait for it from one week to another


I do have high cholesterol and prediabetes, but no sexual dysfunction.

That said, but how can we conclude that the APs caused these conditions? We can’t. It seems more plausible to me that the APs are linked to a sedentary lifestyle. However, biopsychosocial factors may play an even larger role as to a sedentary lifestyle.

Diet and exercise can help a lot, but if you feel that life sucks, and it will never get better, who the hell is exercising and eating salad? Pass the potato chips.


Just because the drs want me to behave and think the way they like? I still have near relapses and symptoms after i took the current AP.


I take 15 pills for schizophrenia every day. But they keep me sane


Plus public psych hospitals are terrible.
I fear hospitals. I have never been in hospital.
I had some episodes, crises, but eventually I regained my sanity thanks to the big doses


I take meds to not hear voices again or to have unusual ideas.