Why do we have urges to go off meds?

For me I’m not convinced I have sza. And sometimes I am when I’m more stable and am med compliant. But then my mood tanks and start obsessively questioning it and have urges to self destruct.


i heard the meds cause a psychotic episode in withdraws from it

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Severe side effects. Maybe feeling better and you want to quit?

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there is simply not enough research on the meds they give us, IMO they flog us off…we have NO alertnaive though, our mind altering drugs,might do more harm than good


I usually compare it to my lactose intolerance. I take Lactaids, which enable me to eat dairy. Sometimes I have small amounts of dairy without the pills, and I’m fine.
So I start to think “what if I’m recovering?” And I have larger amounts without the pills. Fast forwards a few hours and my stomach replies with a big fat NOPE. better stay close to a toilet.

It’s the same with sz. Sometimes I forget my meds and I start to think “what if?” But those are thoughts born from hope, not logic.

Schizophrenia is permanent. The brain doesn’t just suddenly repair itself like that.


Im actually not sz as of yet at least. I am greatful for this but still it is early days idk maybe it will devlop into scza :confounded:, but maybe not :slight_smile:

the doctors say I can choose to stay on or attempt coming off.

I would love to feel at one with the world again so I am going to try coming off later on if voices don’t return

Side effects, forgetting how bad it was before meds, voices telling you aren’t sick and don’t need them, losing insight and thinking it was all real.

Pick your poison of reasons why to quit, and risk relapse. I would prefer to be on meds, they help me


Probably the side effects.

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I just realized that I am bored without psychosis so maybe that’s another driving factor


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Because I feel like I’m a fake I’m not real and I am not really sza.

Till I relapse and even then I’m in denial


I feel like so many others on here do, and I actually posted about it the other day: I’m a fraud. I must be faking it because surely I’m fine. I hear about people who have been homeless and talking to themselves on the streets, and I think, “That’s not me! I must not have it!”. I don’t like the side effects either, and that can also be a driving force. I don’t want my memory and sex life messed with, and I definitely don’t want the lethargy. I miss being me. So I guess that’s why I want to go off meds every now and then.


same here! feel as I’m “not sick enough” and faking it as an excuse for everything wrong in my life. then when I go off for a bit and real psychosis suckerpunches I think that I’m just not ill at all. quite a fun cycle to be stuck in. even more fun when you’re not sure which part of it you’re in. part of the game :cowboy_hat_face:

When your mood changes, you generally wants to go off meds cold turkey?

For those of us with paranoia, it can be easy to look at the side effects of the ap’s and determine the pdoc is out to get us.

I’ve generally found that the psychotic episodes happened because I have @#$%ing schizophrenia and I stopped taking the medication that controlled the illness.


Not always. But I have sza supposedly.

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I did a First Aid course in work and the teacher said that with diabetic patients, when the diabetic goes into low blood sugar emergency, the first aider often has to wrestle the diabetic person to the ground and force a sachet of sugar into their mouth at all costs. The diabetic usually strongly resists in a very similar way to when a Sz patient is forced by medical staff to medicate. They make an extreme attempt to fight off the first aider due to their low blood sugar delirium.

So the effect is not limited just to Sz, it occurs with other conditions also.

Low Blood Sugar Episode (Actual) - parts 1 and 2.

With harsh side effects anyone would wanna go off meds

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