Why do we forget everything about our past lives?

Assuming you believe in spirituality and reincarnation and we have lived past lives.

We all secretly know about eachother cosmically and eternally and we have met eachother by chances that seem distant but were actually meant to be pleasant serendipities :grinning:

Why do we go through the veil of forgetfulness (to use a kaballahistic term)? Why do we forget everything?

So we learn our lessons without knowledge of who eachother are? We’re just actors in a role play to grow spiritually.

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I had video recordings of my past lives in my head that I had access too when I was acutely psychotic

Kinda freaked me out.

One of the lives I was an important person, which made me have too higher opinion of myself.

The temptation to end this life to see if I can get on board with the next in a faster time frame is always at the back of my mind

Don’t let suicidal thinking take hold it’s very difficult to shake, I have the same problem. I hate my life. But my life is very good objectively. I have cash in the bank and a “good” job.

if you’re interested in past life regressions, I highly recommend reading the near death research institute life stories of people who died and came back and they explain what they saw, it’s not a lot of text for each one: Exceptional Experiences ( You can click on the individual entries and read more.

Do you want to remember every life of every being that ever existed, times infinity? I think you’re asking for a bit much here.

Reincarnation isn’t real. That’s why.

I like to beleive reincarnation and the rebirth cycle is real. But I guess we are probably getting too much into a kind of spiritual topic for this space.

Sorry guys, but reincarnation qualifies as a religious belief. It’s part of a religion, ecen if you’re not aware.