Why do we compassionately euthanise animals but not people?

My grandad should have been euthanised

They basically could not feed him and they stopped treating him with antibiotics and let an infection finish him off.

How is that dignified or humane.

I do not understand why the world allows so much suffering in the name of care

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I think it is a tough call to make on euthanasia and humans because if we allowed it Ill people may feel pressure to go through with it because they feel a burden even if they may still want to hang around. But yea I understand your point too so it’s a tough decision

We have palliative care for people because people are not animals. End of life comfort has come a long way since then.

In Belgium euthanasia is legal for unbearable suffering both physically and mentally. Before that hospitals used passive sedation,I.e. They give you more morphine until you died.

This happened in a care home in December 2018, so quite recent (In England)

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I understand you, my 35 y.o. uncle died from pancreatic cancer. Its the worst cancer, he was yelling and crying from pain in the hospital, the tons of morphine injections they gave him did nothing and made him a zombie. He could barely talk sluggish, looked depressed and empty, no emotions, that’s what heroin does. His stomach was greatly inflated. He looked pregnant. They fed him with a tube into his stomach.

His cancer was spread to all his body. He couldn’t walk from pain. I still hear his voice yelling from pain sometimes

He wanted euthanasia but drs refused. He got in a coma from too much pain and died from a heart attack in the coma. Cancer thickens blood and causes heart attack.

@Joker Very sorry to hear about your Grandad,same ■■■■ happened to my Nana in a care home horrible to witness,inhumane way to die aswell

Euthanasia for mental illness is legal in Switzerland, Belgium and Netherlands.