Why do we care about some people and not others?

Just because we care about someone doesn’t mean the feeling is mutual.
I don’t know the answer and I couldn’t find a good answer online.
Maybe it’s just another one of life’s mysteries.
I often wonder about this, what is your opinion ?

Why do people care about dogs and cats but not rats and mosquitoes? Gee, I wonder.

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because some people are not kind…
and some people are kind…

i am getting good at this…

next question !?! :smiley:

take care :alien:

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People are valued subconsciously by humans. We do evaluate every creature we recognize as a creature. In humans, we tend to classify people into groups, because it’s a time saver and energy saver to not have to evaluate everyone who is doing a similar thing with their life, or everyone who looks a certain way, everyone who has the same make of car, ect.

It’s called a cognitive schema. It’s a tricky little tool we use without realizing it.

We immediately look for if people are male/female and how old they are, then we look at signs of youth, health and fertility, just to get started on what we subconsciously do when we encounter people.

Like if you take me to a sorority I would pick the most attractive lady and then at least try to talk to her, because I am idiotic like that, but lots of people are idiotic like date rape or fathers at my age, so it’s all okay.

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