Why do we always have to be positive what does that even mean

I’m sad.

Because when I’m not binge eating, this sadness takes over.

Can I not just be sad? If I am sad?

Until I become happy one day?

What does it mean to be positive. To you?

Idk, maybe it is possible to be sad and positive at the same time

That is my opinion on it.

I guess I think of being positive as having hope

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I’d like to say I’m a positive person and I often move on pretty quickly from situations. I don’t tend to dwell on them like I used to. The meds have improved that for me and I guess just naturally thinking that there’s always something you can do helps. I make a lot of mistakes but sometimes you learn from life and that is what is important. You might fall flat on your face but you may actually succeed at something. That is worth it if your being positive.


If you need to binge to feel good you should work through that with a therapist. It could be depression. If you are suffering from depression, you need either new meds or your meds need to be adjusted, plus you need therapy.

I used to have depression. It lasted me 20 years or so. But taking ADs and going to therapy, and getting out of a bad relationship all helped me.

I still have problems with paranoia and anxiety, and I’m working on that in therapy.

I truly believe you don’t have to live depressed. It can and does get better if you take meds and work through it. It’s not easy, and it’s hard work. But it can be done. Try to allow yourself a little hope. It helps.



That’s the thing, I do have hope. So I don’t think I’m depressed.

But atm, I just feel so… Distressed… When I don’t binge eat.

I would absolutely love to do therapy but I must start working full time after Lockdown so I don’t see therapy happening.

I’m sorry you still suffer from anxiety, have you tried anti anxiety meds before?

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The county mental health place I go to doesn’t allow benzos. I’m on Celexa for depression and anxiety. I’m so glad to hear you have hope :slight_smile:

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Stay strong. It’s hard to always be positive, sometimes we all get hit with the blues.

I second therapy though. Maybe even a good book about overcoming eating disorders. That’s if you have an eating disorder though, I’m not a doctor so I can’t diagnose that.

Also CBT therapy might be beneficial to you.

Take care. :rose:


You can’t and shouldn’t try to force yourself to be happy, but you can try to learn to be more optimistic and find better ways of thinking about your emotions. If you’re depressed and keep going back to the same negative feelings and thoughts, something needs to change so you can move on from them. Your feelings are not wrong but how you deal with them might be.


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