Why do they say its bad to flush pills in the toilet

when people literally poop pee and ejaculate into toilets multiple times a day. the medicines will hurt the fish but not toxic waste and sperm. lol imagine if a bunch of fish got impregnated from the jizz in the sewers and created half fish half human mutants that feed off of poop

also if they say meds can hurt water sources for humans when flushed does that mean we are drinking poop, pee and jizz water?

Ejaculate into toilets??:joy:


Osmosis and filtering would remove any meds dumped ito the water supply. I’d be more concerned with lead piping than leftover meds.

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Because many medicines are not degraded by sewage treatment. They end up in the groundwater and in rivers, where they can last for years, slowly building up in concentration as people continue to flush old pills.

These compounds retain their ability to affect people’s bodies and are often harmful to people who don’t have the condition for which they are prescribed. Many of them are also poisonous to animals as well.


i just found this article

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I take that back. It is bad. Here’s an article:

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“Lithium (used to treat bipolar disorder), carbamazepine (an analgesic/anticonvulsant), metoprolol (an antihypertensive), and buproprion (an antidepressant) were the most frequently detected drugs in the water samples after treatment.”

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i read once a while back that areas with more lithium in the water have lower suicide rates

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lol it is the easiest way. no cleanup just fap flush and go about your day

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