Why do they continue keeping me a community treatment order?

When I’ve told them I haven’t got anything wrong with and have been well for 3 years?

Because you obviously have no insight. The meds are keeping you from psychosis. If you go off your doctor must feel you’d be a danger to yourself or others.


I find that hard to accept. My pdoc has never said anything about lack of insight - although I know he wouldn’t tell me that… I feel that they want to continue injecting me with antipsychotics as I did hurt myself badly - be that 3 years ago. I feel that they have it against me.

I really think I havent got anything wrong with me. I was drunk when I tried to cut the mirochip out my armpit. I think my pdoc is out to get me.

That’s a perfect example of why you need meds . It’s one thing to say your pdocs are crap( I’ve had several) it’s quite another to think they’re out to get you.

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firemonkey - He really is… now I’ve said it many times before here… I know he’s got it against me…

I feel trapped. I want to go to India and bath in the river Ganges… To cleanse my soul… I’ve save enough money for the flight to Delhi but they’ve put me on another CTO. This means I can’t get a visa

Traveling to another country is a really bad idea, a lot of schizophrenics become lost and homeless this way. The water there isn’t going to do anything for you that the water where you are can’t do.

You’re in need of some insight, I don’t know how to get that other than medicine and lots of reality checking.

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