Why do they appear outside their work space

Why do the therapists appear outside the hospital? It has happend a lot of times, is it coincidence? Did the Hospitalisation give them the opportunity to calculate where im going to be at certain times and places?

Ill just put this in the same topic.
I regret opening up so much since they can use it against me and they sometimes do.

Thank you for taking your time to show up.

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I would say it’s just coincidence. I saw my old therapist on one time believe it or not, lol

They have real lives, just like everybody else

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Its so weird. I met her while going off a plane, she took the same plane as me. Met a chief physician at the air port on the way to London.
It might have been a hallucination or a coincidence.

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That is kind of interesting isn’t it? Some kind of synchronicity

Because they don’t live in the hospital, they live in homes in the community. They have to shop and run errands and live their lives like the rest of us.

Doesn’t sound like you’re processing well. I’d suggest talking to your doctor about a med adjustment.

It seemed weird. I understand that and can gladly put it aside.

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My old therapist/ car coordinator kept on getting recommended by Facebook to add as a friend.

She was a weirdo. I am glad she left the health service, as she used to get me put in hospital a lot. ■■■■■

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