Why do some people with Schizophrenia respond to voices

In spite of knowing that they are a manifest of our thoughts at the time, I haven’t heard so many voices during my illness, only one time last week when I was really exhausted after my 6th flight in 3 days in a raw, and have been so tired that I felt half asleep in the taxi, I was at that time thinking of one incident I had with my sister that i didn’t like so much and a voice was released “she shouldn’t have done it”, I woke up to be an entirely different person and realized it is in my head and started to laugh, I wanted to believe the voice because it corresponded well to my emotions but the fact that it came responding to my thought brought up some laughs.

We can differentiate between what is real and what is not if we get busy living instead of getting busy dwelling, because when we dwell we will want to belive anything and we give our minds the authority to belive anything, but as we get engaged living we start to realize real things and behave accordingly, just sharing my thoughts before a new flight tomorrow.


I have a feeling that is why I respond sometimes. If it’s just random garble… I can ignore it, but when it corresponds with how I’m feeling it’s just intensified… and harder to ignore.

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Lot of good points there. For me the voices spawned out of my perceived relation to a corrupted world view. It was a scenario in my head and the eventually my mind made it real. Resolved the conflict and found peace with myself and things have only gotten better since.

Still get a lot of symptoms but I’m good at shutting them off when the arise. Returning to a symptom free state. At least I can handle my perception of “telepathy” in this way. The voices though, the auditory stuff, that’s not a cognitive thing that only goes away when I focus or am caught up in thought. The voices are pretty unoffensive at this point. The situation has been resolved in my mind. The persecution was never real it was all imagined.

There is no off switch yet but I have found lower settings for volume and aggressiveness. In a way it has taught me how to behave.

Still hard to tell what my prognosis is. I can still slip easily into hallucinating. Over time that has a chance to make me delusional. But I am slowly growing more trusting of the fact that whatever happens it is all in my head. The world would be totally different if there was telepathy. It’s is practically impossible on a physical level.

[quote=“BryanAshley, post:3, topic:19066”]
The world would be totally different if there was telepathy
[/quote] I think out of all the members on this forum you are the most one attached to telepathy and think of it, if you ignore it more often than you remember it it will vanish. I wish you well, you are a great teller maybe you can utilize that gift and describe your journey one day.

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Thats the point, if you can ignore it, knowing-it-is-inside-your-head then you should ignore. this is what happened with me, i could have agreed with the voice and became more intensified about the topic and more upset with my sister, or could have called her that night and made sure all is well at her end, whoch i did, and happy i did :smile: it is a matter of choice before it becomes an urge and an uncontrollable one.

Yeah I probably have ocd. The hallucinations were so persistent for years. It took a lot of time before I found room to start thinking normally. Everyone’s SZ is a little different and I’ve had the telepathy thing bad. I know it’s not real now though things are changing.

Thanks sparse. I really hope it does vanish.

i was lucky enough to know that it was not a voice but a random thought that i could control, and i was able to control it by dismissing it and changing my thought pattern.

some people cannot do this though, its like they have no control and those random thoughts are allowed to run riot and sometimes even turn against the person that they come from,

i had it once when i was really unwell, thoughts that i could not control and it was really frightening, guess you could call them voices or scenarios or delusions,

i wouldn’t call them voices though just random uncontrollable thoughts or RUT for short lol ‘stuck in a RUT’ lol makes sense to me anyway.

True to an extent- I sometimes cannot tell what is real or not, despite being occupied. My symptoms are different though, they are not limited to voices in my head; I see and hear real people say things that seem to tie in with my delusional thoughts; what I see and hear real people say sometimes supports my delusions. However, I am aware of what is likely or unlikely. I have been doing this for a while, yet I am uncertain to this very day, not certain. My thoughts about reality are supported by evidence, sort of like how there is never causation stated in psychology, psychology students and psychologists are careful not to use words like “caused” or “proved”- instead, we say " strongly correlated" or “supported”, things like that.

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I see and hear real people say things that seem to tie in with my delusional thoughts; what I see and hear real people say sometimes supports my delusions
[/quote] well said, when every part of what is being said before us correlates to one of the delusions we encounter, normally I would encounter many fairy tales on many levels with many people while delusional, it is not one single delusion and the story is over, there are several ones at a time…but auditory hallucinations; I have had them very few times; and have luckily been able to pin them out as intangible or not part of reality every time.