Why do people think

I’m trying to phrase this right.

Not everyone has to have children. I had someone ask me why I don’t want children.

Well, I have mental illness.
The world is ■■■■■■■ chaotic.
There are foster kids looking for a family

It’s not my business if people want children or have children already. Myself, no.


I don’t want kids either. I don’t want to pass down my bad genes, and I’d worry I was a bad parent


I don’t believe my schizophrenia was genetic, I got it from abusing Piracetam. All I have to do is give my future kids a strong anti-drug foundation and they should be safe from that.

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I find that kids are pretty useless for me. They couldn’t bring me any joy. I am content the way things are now. What’s the use of a kid? It’s attachment

I was able to eat when I got pregnant.

Things were pretty rough.

had my kids before I was diagnosed. worked out.


To each their own I don’t understand why people insist on making other people’s lives their business when it literally has no effect on their lives.


When i was very mentally ill i got to a point where i realized im just not gonna have kids.my reason was im so sick i barely take care of myself.


I sorry for bringing this up. I was thinking about the lady in the van asking me things while going to my pdoc.

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Haha most don’t its feed to them from an outside source if only someone would let them in on that

Amen. I’ll never have kids though for multiple reasons.

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I have kids but i know lots of people chose not to have any. I think we should all encourage each other in our decisions.


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