Why do people quit the medicine?

I do want to come off eventually, yes.

With a pdoc supervision!

Very very important that is…

But 10 percent of me is not sure yet if I will

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I just can’t imagine being off meds. The reason you feel okay is because the medicine is working. Sure there are three pages of side effects but to be in the right mind is worth all of that. I’d think twice about wanting to be off medication. I know I’d end up right back in the hospital

What dose you currently on? And for how long

Olanzapine yea

Yeah Olanzapine. I’m on 5mg and have been for 6 months.

Was on ten mg for about four months before that.

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I would have committed suicide if I stayed on meds, same with a lot of people. I heard that suicide rates were very low with schizophrenia before the introduction of antipsychotics.

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Would you rather be crazy? Or be medicated and sane?

I’m medicated and I’m still crackers. I hear voices, I have running commentary, I can’t think critically as I used to.

That’s the illness too. Without meds is worse?

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Without meds I would be craaaazy!


Loool. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy:


Without meds I thought that clouds were alien spaceships

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