Why do people make a big deal about suicide?

Think about it. Everyone dies. There are worse things than death.

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because people take their own lives…not actually thinking about the consequences and the hurt that is left behind.
my neighbour shot himself…behind the shearing shed.
his wife and daughters had to somehow come to grips with a sad situation.
a small note was left behind.
it impacted on lots of people even mrs sith and i…
yes we all die eventually…but taking your own life so suddenly can destroy those you actually love the most.
take care :alien:


@darksith is right. I can say that because I have first-hand experience with it - my father shot himself in the head with a shotgun. I hope nobody ever has to walk into a room like that again. I feel bad for the landlord who found him minus his head, and the detectives who saw the scene too. Suicide is one of the worst things a person can do.


But about someone who has no obligations or dependents/friends? No harm no foul.

Wow, just…wow. I say something personal, and that’s your response. F uck off. I’m never replying to your shitty topics/posts again, friggin troll.

Suicide in young and middle aged people is tragic. The person typically commits suicide at a time when they’re under severe emotional distress and are not thinking clearly. Generally it’s devastating to the family members emotionally and financially.

Suicide in older people who are in a lot of physical pain and are just “waiting to die” is understandable. Often times they’ve lost almost all of their friends and their spouse and are in severe misery. They have nothing in life to look forward and their health just gets worse and worse. Financially, it’s devastating to your heirs if you have long prolonged death that drains your life savings. This type of suicide doesn’t typically occur on the spur of the moment but is something the person has considered for many years.