Why do people hate so much?

Someone flagged me.For three years I think sometimes that my Slavic origin is problem for some people.I type badly and often get misunderstood for my posts.Almost half are locked at the end.Why,if you are civilized as @ninjastar once said that discussion must be in civilized manner.I’m asking people to tell me what they don’t like about me,I promise I’ll be civilized.

I’ve never had any bad feelings towards you, zoa. Maybe if you toned down your rhetoric just a bit your posts won’t get flagged.

Origin,it’s the problem.We do things here differentlly,A bit radical for western standard.Ok,thank you really very much,because you told me directlly in nice manner.

You were only flagged because you were talking about illegal activities. It was an effort to protect you, not a way to insult you. It has nothing to do with whether people like you or not. Discussion of illegal activities is against the rules.


Thanks,but I’ll obey to rules,if I break some just tell me.

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You should see how people drive here.I will forbid car driving in Serbia,it makes us look like primitives.

I wish that @Saywhaat joins us again,after yesterday disaster.

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