Why do people follow me when I drive

Why do people follow me when I drive? It makes me very uncomfortable and afraid. Are they going to follow me home to hurt or kill me?

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Why would people want to follow you? They are probably not following you. They have better things to do with their time.


Nobody is following you. It would be really expensive for the government to tale you around. Some people might be headed the same place as you or close to.


I drove for hours years ago and abandoned my car at an airport and nearly got a flight because of this.

It’s not cool.

You could possibly be correct that someone followed you. It might have happened twice. Maybe.

But you’re making it sound like you get followed all the time and that is extremely unlikely. A bunch of random, different, unrelated strangers would not be following you. I’ve been through similar faulty perceptions. It might help to look at your own driving patterns. That may be the problem.

If you are driving too slow for instance people might come up fast behind you to make you go faster or they might follow you for a short while out of frustration. Another possibility is if you are looking at other drivers. I tend to look at other people out of curiosity and a lot of them dig it, lol. But if you are staring or frowning or have an attitude towards other drivers it may piss people off or offend them and they may follow you for a minute out of revenge.

Sadly, one scenario I hate when it happens to me when I drive is that sometimes I am simply unaware of my surroundings and teenagers or even adult jerks might get their kicks from playing games and tailgate you and be on your tail for awhile.

And there are other scenarios that could be happening. But these are exceptions. Every day that you go out driving there will be a whole new set of people who have nothing against you, don’t know you and they just want to get from point A to point B with a minimum of interference. You think a bunch of people are following you and singling you out for harassment but they just see you as another driver just like anyone else. It’s almost impossible that every new day a bunch of new drivers organize themselves to single you out and follow you.

Where I live it’s very fast-paced and people sometimes act like other drivers are just in their way. So they zoom past or come up fast behind me. I think your perceptions are wrong. But there has to be a reason why you think this is happening to you. It may be something crazy and unexplainable. (I’m not calling you crazy obviously). But the problem is that it seems real to you but what you think is happening is different from what’s really happening.

You are somehow attributing other peoples actions as relating to you, but like I said, most people just want to drive without anybody bugging them.


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