Why do people do this

I had to cut my lunch short to get to a meeting. We were told before lunch to be logged onto a VDI system.
At meeting start: “is anyone not on vdi?” No response. 5 minutes into the meeting someone goes “do I have to go onto VDI?” Cue 15 minutes delay to guide her through it.

Why do people do that?

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I do not know why people do that. What is a VDI system?

It’s just a program we use

Is it some kind of video conferencing …?

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I would be so annoyed. I think the answer is that some people aren’t listening or think they can get away with not following directions, or just didn’t understand the direction

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Unfortunately there’s no escaping dumb people, even at work.

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My friend is a teacher and she has experienced this a lot. Happens to my friend all the time


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