Why Do People Devour Each Other When Nothing Is Threatening Their Safety?


(Someone Knocks On The Door)

Person 1~ ‘Yes?, How Can I Help You’?.

Person 2~ ‘Would You Be Interested In Buying Food From Our Trucks’?.

Person 1~ ‘If You Don’t Get Off My Lawn, I Will Be Forced To Make You’.

Person 2~ ‘You Don’t Scare Me’.

(And Then They Get Into A Fight And End Up On The Evening News)

Point Is, , ,

Person 1 Was Inside His House Doing Whatever. Minding His Own Business.

And Along Came Person 2. Offering Food At A Reasonable Price. (No Harm No Foul)

And Then, For Whatever Strange Reason, Person 1 Got Offended And Livid At Person 2.

Now…, Both Parties Lives Are In Danger. As Person 2 Becomes Ferociously Fearless as Well.

Truth Be Told, Any Bystander Would Admit, That Person 1 And Person 2 Should Go Their Separate Ways And Drop The Whole Issue. Person 1 Could Get Back To Watching Sports. And Person 2 Could Continue Looking For Future Customers.

And With Neither Of Them In Any Danger To Begin With, The Entire Day Is Now Ruined.

I Ask. . .

For What Exactly?. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, Peace!.

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Maybe the first person was having a bad day. People should just put up “No Soliciting” signs to prevent that.

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