Why do normal guys not goin to college?

Compared to women.

Just curious what others think


Some people cannot handle the heat! lol jk

My brother is a normie. He didn’t want to take out debt. He makes better money with his career now. He’s a success in most people’s eyes.

Some people don’t like learning, can’t do it, cannot afford it, or prefer working or joining the military. I mean everyone’s circumstances are different.

Some people don’t like the ‘wokeness’ and are turned off like myself. I’m also paranoid and fearful of a lot of things including but not limited to failing.

I’ve often been told work is a lot harder than school anyways. I even had college professors tell me that. The problems you get in college are cookie cutter and simplified.

Some people think college is a lie and just propaganda now.


I was curious about this so being lazy, I asked A.I.

This response seems to be UK specific.

Certainly! In recent years, more women than men have been attending universities. Let’s explore the reasons behind this trend:

  1. Academic Performance: Girls tend to perform better than boys in A-levels (or Highers in Scotland) and at every level of education. With A-level grades being the main qualifications for university, it’s not surprising that women are now far more likely to pursue higher education¹.

  2. Application Rates: According to this year’s university application figures, the difference in application rates between men and women across the UK is the widest on record. In England, young women are 36% more likely to apply than young men. The gender gap in applications is also significant in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland¹.

  3. Early Education: Before even sitting a single exam, there are potentially more girls than boys who are likely to go to university. Girls already outnumber boys in sixth form due to their better results at GCSEs. Some 55% of pupils taking A-level standard qualifications were female in 2015, compared to 45% of boys¹.

  4. Results: Girls tend to achieve better A-level results. The average A-level grade for a girl is C+, compared to C for a boy. This performance difference starts early, with boys being nearly twice as likely as girls to fall behind by the time they start school¹.

  5. Gender Gap: The gender gap in university attendance continues to widen. Women are now more than a third more likely to go to university than men. About 30,000 more women than men are set to start degree courses this autumn³.

  6. Degree Subjects: Among students who started degree courses last autumn, women outnumbered men in 112 out of 180 subjects. Overall, 66,840 more women than men are currently enrolled in degree programs⁴.

In summary, while girls’ academic achievements and application rates contribute to this trend, addressing the underachievement of boys and promoting equal opportunities for all remains crucial for a balanced higher education landscape¹³⁴. :mortar_board::star2:

Source: Conversation with Bing, 23/04/2024
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Women nowadays are consciously pushed to further their education. To be equal to men educationally. Men aren’t really challenged to do that. No one tells men that if they get an education and a career they can be equal or higher than women. :woman_shrugging:t2: Guess why?

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My step-father is old school and old fashioned. He told me that he only believes college is for doctors, lawyers, or engineers. Maybe nurses too, idk.

He’s an engineer so I don’t know. I majored in math and dropped out my senior year because of psychosis.

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My sister never did well in school in my eyes, but she’s a success still. She’s a mother of 2 and is married. She is really conservative and religious in my view, but she made decent money in construction as a journeyman laborer for a while. I mean you gotta do what you gotta do.

I didn’t have that much debt going to college, but that was just me. I found a way and worked around it. It was still pricey and expensive. I had loans, but not private loans.

You don’t have to go to a pricey private school to go to college. Financial aid is available. I also went to community college for 3 years and saved 3 years of money and tuition and transferred debt free.

It also depends on the state from a USA perspective. In other states, they don’t give much aid and the price is double or quadruple even for community college too. When I went to community college it was like 20-40 a unit lol. People were still ■■■■■■■■ about it. I thought it was a good deal at the time.

I think girls are helped more to achieve academically than boys are helped these days. The pendulum has swung the other way.


i think its cause there are more high paying jobs guys are usually hired for than women that dont need college. mechanic. plumber. electrician. for women without college there is secratary, cashier mostly. course people can make theor own business and stuff without college but i think thats why men dont go to college as much

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Probably more of them join trades


I never went to college and still made a good living in my 20’s and 30’s bought a house and supported a family.


Trying to square the circle re not wanting to disappoint my parents, and yet knowing I didn’t have the necessary independent living skills to cope with college/uni- that was a major factor in going from being moderately mentally ill to severely so. The other major factor? Being a bullied, undiagnosed, autistic teenager- with all the stress that comes with that.

I would’ve loved to have had the help and support to make going to college/uni a viable option. Unfortunately that help and support never came. It took moving near my daughter, and her input with mental health services here in Wiltshire, for it to be realised that I wasn’t an awkward sod with a major character defect.

You get more males at either end of the bell curve.

I got my associates and an internship at a defense contractor. Was working on my bachelors while working, Worked there 5 years but SZ ended that. They pulled my TS clearance after I was diagnosed. I could finish my degree but what’s the point anymore.

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It sounds to me on the internet that a college diploma is not worth very much these days. The kids aren’t learning what they need to know to start a job and a career. They are terrifically in debt, too. Most of them are not going to be able to pay back what they owe their college. I can sympathize with their plight. I imagine that they will have to get a payment schedule based on what the kids can afford to pay.

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